I am thrilled that everyone who purchases my jewelry knows they are getting a unique, handcrafted treasure worthy of the most adventurous & creative women.  

Before I created Wire & Fire, I found jewelry that looked mass produced, unoriginal, or out of my price range.  Enameling was something I had tried years before, but dropped by the wayside.

Then one day I took a torch enameling class in Tucson, Arizona.  I fell in love with it!  That experience led me to a new way to make jewelry.  Now my handmade creations could be different than what anyone could find in a store.

I was worried that people would not appreciate the value and difference of handcrafted jewelry, and no one would buy it.

But when I began to sell my enameled jewelry at art & craft shows, customers gave positive feedback.  I felt encouraged to develop Wire & Fire Jewelry.  Providing customers with something that fulfilled their need for handmade creations became my passion.

I decided to create the most delightful & imaginative jewelry designs for the most discerning women in the country.

Sounds pretty easy & do-able, right?  Not so!  But I was determined!

Finding the time, space, & inspiration was a challenge.  Life distracted me constantly, & I felt torn by all the needs of family, home, work & volunteering.

Inspiration from nature & collaboration with other like-minded artists helped.  Carving out time required a more disciplined approach. I felt strongly about providing handcrafted jewelry to customers, so I had to focus on this.

My greatest difficulty was overcoming fear:  that my creations weren’t good enough, or I wouldn’t be able to learn how to run a business successfully.

Through it all, I released my first products and the response has been pure happiness.